Widget – General setting

Feed content sort

Automatic feed content sorting The FeedWind RSS widget has an RSS feed content sort feature to allow feed items to be displayed in a predefined sort order. Its really easy to set up and only takes a click or two to implement. Items are sorted using the <pubdate:> (publish date)from your RSS feed. In the […]

Using CSS to create a FeedWind custom RSS widget

FeedWind allows Pro and Plus users to set up custom cascading style sheets (CSS). This is achieved by creating custom CSS files that can contain instructions for more explicit control over the look, feel, and behavior of your RSS feeds. Detailed instructions Adding a Custom CSS File CSS files can be created using any basic […]

Scrollbar and auto-scroll settings

  Scroll features in detail The FeedWind RSS widget has an automatic scrolling feature to make it easier for users to navigate your RSS widget. When the HTML button is “On” and Autoscroll “Off”, there is a manual scrollbar automatically added which is visible all the time. If you select Autoscroll to “On”, the widget […]


Check out the FeedWind FAQ.  If you cannot find the answers you need, please contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions. Where can I find details about the available plans? I purchased FeedWind Pro/Plus/Basic – What do I do now? Can I make FeedWind use my chosen thumbnail image? How do […]


Time/Date Features Standard Time/Date Function Time/Date parameters in detail Timezone Customize FeedWind date/time formats FeedWind supports a number of different formats for the date/time displayed below feed items. The Date/Time can also be switched off completely if required. The setup screen contains options for changing the time/date layout with the option to switch off the […]


Customize fonts in your FeedWind widget This tutorial is focused on fonts and will instruct you on how to change the styling of fonts that are used in the FeedWind RSS widget. Quick Links: Choose a font family Use custom CSS and @font-face to specify a custom font Use Google Webfonts Feed Title font size Feed Title bold […]

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