Facebook feed widget FAQ

Q. What information will display in my Facebook feed widget? The information shared through a FeedWind Facebook widget is from your Facebook newsfeed which can include: Posts – which include the following elements: Primary image/video Post title Post content (either as an excerpt for Thumbnail style, or in full for HTML style) Date/time Note: All these […]

FeedWind is an ad free RSS widget

Does FeedWind display advertising? There are two parts to this answer: 1. Advertising by us: We do not display any of our own/3rd party advertising in the widget. FeedWind is an ad-free RSS widget which only displays the content that the RSS feed dictates. i.e. we add nothing except our backlink (“Powered by FeedWind”) at […]

FeedWind Plans FAQ

Here are some answers to questions you may have: Q. What plans are available? There are three plans available: Basic, Pro and Plus. See below for more details about each plan. To just choose a plan, please visit our Plans page. Q. How do I subscribe to FeedWind Pro or Plus plans? To subscribe and […]

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