Widget – Google calendar

Google Calendar widget timezone settings

When you create a Google Calendar widget it is important to check the timezone settings. Your Google Calendar timezone may be different to our default timezone setting in your calendar widget . If this happens, you will find that the incorrect time/date is displayed in your Gcal widget. The discrepancy will be within 24 hours […]

Google Calendar widget FAQ

Where do I find my Google Calendar feed URL? Your Google Calendar feed URL is the same as your Google Calendar ID (usually an email address). Some types of calendar do have a different address however, so you may need to locate your Calendar ID using these instructions. How many calendars can I aggregate? Please […]

Custom Google Calendar widget using CSS

As with all our widgets, you can use CSS to create a custom Google Calendar widget and match any website design. The setup screen for our Google Calendar widget allows you to create a variety of different styles. However, we understand you may need your widget styling to match your site design more closely, so […]

Find your Google Calendar ID

To find your Google Calendar ID, open up your calendar and click on the dropdown menu next to the calendar you wish to use in your widget. Click on the “Calendar Settings” link and the calendar settings will display. Main Google Calendar Page   Find your Google Calendar ID From the “Calendar Details Tab” about […]

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