Google Calendar widget timezone settings

  • Created : Aug, 25, 2017
  • Last Updated: Dec, 9, 2021

When you create a Google Calendar widget, it is important to check the timezone settings.

Your Google Calendar timezone may be different to our default timezone setting in your calendar widget . If this happens, you will find that the incorrect time/date is displayed in your Gcal widget. The discrepancy will be within 24 hours of the correct date. If the discrepancy is outside the 24 hour window, please contact us as this is most likely a different issue.

To correct this, open your widget for editing and scroll down to the Calendar Event section. Open the Advanced settings tab and locate the timezone settings.


Choose a suitable timezone and save your widget. When you update the page on which the widget is published or check the preview in the setting screen, you should now see the new time/date is correct.

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