Date and Hour Range

  • Created : May, 11, 2020
  • Last Updated: Oct, 21, 2022

Setting Up Date and Hour Range

The time ranges for your calendar are established in the Date and Hour Range section. This feature allows you to target specific events over specific time periods, in the past or the future. The following are the options presented in the FeedWind setup screen in the ‘Calendar Event’ section, from top to bottom:

  • The ‘Date’ and ‘Hour’ buttons indicate which measure of time is active in the text boxes beneath it.  Note that the on-screen text for the ‘From’ and ‘To’ values will change from ‘day(s)’ to ‘hour(s)’ depending on which button is active.
  • The top values under From begin with ‘day zero’ and ‘hour zero’ as the current date and time. The term ‘Last’ next to ‘From’ can be seen as ‘previous.  A zero(0) value signifies the current day or hour, depending on which button is active at the top. The value of 90 in the example image below represents the last (or previous) 90 days before today.
  • The bottom values under ‘To’ represent the endpoint of the value you entered in the ‘From’ section.  In the example image below, the user has entered ‘360’, setting the endpoint at 360 days from the current date.  The entire range of the example reads: show calendar events, from the last 90 days to 360 days from now.


Date/Time Range Example

In the example calendar, there is a short listing of upcoming holidays. The provided range of 0 to 90 will show all holidays listed in the calendar over the next 90 days, as shown by the 0 in the ‘From’ box and 90 in the ‘To’ box.  Also, note that the ‘Date’ button is active rather than the ‘Hour’ button, so the example shows dates instead of times.

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