User support

Supported site building platforms

The FeedWind RSS widget is suitable for many popular site building platforms, both on and offline. We support many website building platforms. Here is a list of those we have successfully tested and created support articles for: Online site building platforms / blogs Blogspot / Blogger Drupal Joomla Shopify SquareSpace Weebly Wix WordPress Desktop […]

What is FeedWind used for?

FeedWind is an extremely versatile RSS widget. With support for so many platforms and implementations, Feedwind is the ideal solution for anyone who needs to display RSS feeds using a customizable widget. Here are some examples of how Feedwind can be used: Tickertape A traditional format consisting of a single line of horizontally scrolling text. These […]

Screenshot and Screencasts

Screenshots and screencasts are handy tools for both developers and clients. A screenshot is a picture of what’s showing on a device’s screen at a given moment; a screencast is similar except its video footage of that screen over a period of time instead of still image. For troubleshooting challenges—especially those that are difficult to […]

Find Out Which Web Browser Version You Are Using

In order to solve your problem with a FeedWind widget or assist with your question, our support team might ask you which web browser version you are using. If you are not sure or you don’t know how to find out which version you have, you can do it by following the instructions below. If […]

FeedWind Crawler

Here is the Feedwind crawler IP address list. You may require these in the event that your firewall or other network security measure is blocking or limiting our crawler access. We need this access to feed sources in order to ensure your feed widget is up to date (we crawl every 5 minutes to 5 hours depending […]

Change or recover a FeedWind password

Password reset detailed instructions If you have forgotten your Feedwind password or need to change it, visit the setup screen and attempt to sign in. There you will find a “Forgot password?” link just below the login button. When you click on that link, you will be presented with a dialogue where you can enter […]

Browser support

Which browsers does FeedWind support? FeedWind is engineered to work with as many browsers as possible. However, some older versions of browsers suffer from a lack of support for tags, page elements and styling. This can cause FeedWind to exhibit display or functionality errors which although might be correctable by adding extra code, the resources […]

nofollow links

Links from your FeedWind widget are “nofollow” by default All links in feed item titles are specified as “nofollow” by default in the FeedWind RSS widget. The reason we have implemented this is that Google crawls links in FeedWind widgets and will follow them if allowed to do so. Every link from a page has […]

FeedWind crawler update frequency

The FeedWind crawler bot The FeedWind crawler is an RSS feed crawler bot for FeedWind, a widget which displays RSS feeds, provided by Mikle Inc. To display recent content from a feed in our RSS widget, we regularly crawl the RSS feed entered in the setup page of FeedWind. Technically, we crawl once every 5 minutes […]