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  • Created : Oct, 3, 2016
  • Last Updated: Dec, 15, 2022

Which browsers does FeedWind support?

FeedWind is engineered to work with as many browsers as possible. However, some older versions of browsers suffer from a lack of support for tags, page elements and styling. This can cause FeedWind to exhibit display or functionality errors which although might be correctable by adding extra code, the resources required far outweigh the benefits of supporting such outdated software. Internet Explorer by Microsoft is a common culprit when it comes to lack of support for HTML and CSS.

For this reason we follow an industry standard and offer support for more recent browser versions only. This is how we define which browsers are supported:

  • Google Chrome: Latest version (Google Chrome auto-updates to the latest version by default for most users anyway)

The following browsers are fully supported for the current version and the last version before that. When a new version is released, we move on to support the new version and the version before it.

  • Firefox: Latest + previous version
  • Internet Explorer: Latest + previous version
  • Safari: Latest + previous version

Previous versions are not fully supported and although we may offer comments about usage with older browsers, we will not develop nor fix and problems relating to these versions. We recommend that all your browsers are kept up to date to make the most of new developments in web design and programming feature updates.


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