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How to Create a Vimeo Video Widget for Your Website – Easy Guide

Creating a Vimeo video gallery widget & display on your website is easy, even if you’re not very tech-savvy! Here’s a simple guide to help you put Vimeo videos on your website using a tool called FeedWind. This lets your site show the newest videos automatically. Step 1: Get the Vimeo Video Feed First, you […]

Add a Dynamic Sports Widget to Your Website

Contents1 Increase User Engagement1.1 Increased Engagement1.2 Lower Bounce Rates1.3 Level Up User Experience2 How to Add FeedWind Sports Widget to Your Website Sports widget, imagine having a dedicated corner on your website where the latest sports updates, scores, and thrilling moments are showcased in real-time. A dynamic Sports widget is like having a live scoreboard […]

Create a single column widget for mobile

An official document for FeedWind’s Single Column widget for mobile devices.

Using Custom Tags With Feedwind

An official FeedWind document detailing their custom tags feature, which allows you to add custom tag categories to your feed’s display

Hosting CSS on Google Drive

You can host CSS files on Google Drive to customize your RSS widget.

Podcasts Worth Following in 2020

An article presenting 30 podcasts worth following in 2020, for use with FeedWind’s podcast audio player

Displaying Author Name

An official FeedWind document detailing how to display the author’s name in an RSS widget.

Custom URL Parameters

An official help document from FeedWind developers about its custom URL parameters feature

Social Network Sharing with FeedWind

A document from FeedWind about their new social network sharing (SNS) icons.

‘More Posts’ Option in FeedWind

A document about how to find and use the ‘more posts’ option in FeedWind.