Displaying Author Name

  • Created : Jul, 7, 2020
  • Last Updated: Jul, 18, 2021

About Displaying Author Name

FeedWind allows users to display author names in RSS widgets. The author’s name is displayed beneath the title of each article, as seen in the preview image below.

Author Name

Setting Up Author Name Display

To display the author’s name of RSS posts:

  • Under the Feed Content section of the FeedWind setup screen, toggle the Display Author Name switch to ‘ON’.
  • Font size can be adjusted by typing the size into the text box next to the corresponding text or using the plus(+)/minus(-) buttons.
  • Font color can be adjusted by clicking the circle and selecting a color from the wheel, or entering the hex code in the text box to the right of the circle.
  • Create bold fonts by toggling the switch next to ‘Bold’ to ON.

The ‘dc-creator’ tag

If the author’s name does not appear when ‘Display Author Name’ is switched on, verify that the tag ‘dc-creator’ is present in the HTML code of your RSS feed and that it contains an author’s name (or online persona). The tag will be similar to the image below (highlighted in orange), where the term [feedwind] is the author’s name.  It should be present automatically in most RSS formats, but it can be added manually.

DC Creator Tag

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