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How to Create a Vimeo Video Widget for Your Website – Easy Guide

Creating a Vimeo video gallery widget & display on your website is easy, even if you’re not very tech-savvy! Here’s a simple guide to help you put Vimeo videos on your website using a tool called FeedWind. This lets your site show the newest videos automatically. Step 1: Get the Vimeo Video Feed First, you […]

Ultimate Bento Design in FeedWind Widgets

Bento Design: Transform Your Digital Space with FeedWindWelcome, digital enthusiasts and content crafters! Are you eager to revolutionize your digital space and transform it from a chaotic mess into a sleek, well-curated gallery? Look no further than the Bento Design, a dynamic and versatile solution that, when paired with FeedWind, promises to breathe new life […]

Facebook posts: Enhance your brand’s online presence with custom overlay design

Stand Out with Custom Overlay Designs While images play a vital role in catching the eye, the design elements surrounding them are equally important. Custom overlay designs provide an excellent opportunity to infuse your brand’s personality into your Facebook posts. With overlays, you can add captivating text, branded elements, or eye-catching graphics that complement your […]

Create widget in Overlay style with linear gradient background

Create widget in Overlay style

Here’s an example and steps to create a overlay widget

Example Facebook page widget in large image style

Easily create a Facebook widget with a large image style and customize it as your need.

Display widget in text overlay with faded background

Users can now show any RSS feeds in a new style with overlay text and faded background effect view using custom CSS. Previously, users were only able to show images below the text or sidewise as a thumbnail.

Displaying Multiple Posts Using Cards

An official FeedWind document detailing a new feature that lets users display multiple posts in a widget using a card style.

Example Facebook page widget

Create Image Gallery

Here are the steps to create an image gallery widget.