Widget – Examples

Youtube widget example

Following YouTube widget examples show how to create, an RSS widget with a YouTube video widget as a card style. Check how to create YouTube for the website

Create ticker horizontal scroll widget

An RSS ticker widget consists of a single line of text scrolling horizontally. They are often used to display stock prices, exchange rates, latest news etc. This RSS widget layout is based on the old teleprinter machines which printed text onto ticker tape, a narrow strip of paper on a roll. What is an RSS […]

Create thumbnail horizontal scroll widget

Example of Google Calendar widget

Create custom design Google Calendar widget

Create image slideshow

Using horizontal scroll, you can create RSS slideshow banners which use an RSS feed to supply the source slides. When used on a website as a banner, you can control the banner content using RSS feeds and have it update automatically with your latest media and content. You can also overlay logos and messages above […]

Create a Weather widget

Add social share option in your widget

Create RSS widget with Fade Effect