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  • Created : Jan, 13, 2020
  • Last Updated: Feb, 24, 2023

Using horizontal scroll, you can create RSS slideshow banners which use an RSS feed to supply the source slides. When used on a website as a banner, you can control the banner content using RSS feeds and have it update automatically with your latest media and content. You can also overlay logos and messages above your slideshow widget as in the example below.

This RSS slideshow widget was created using HTML plus some inline CSS for the overlaid text, and a horizontal scroll widget in the background, using z-index: to control the layers. The feed is from a series of posts which simply contain images. The horizontal scrolling widget  in the example below uses the iFrame version of feedWind, but there are alternative solutions which can use the regular code.


Easy Steps

Widget Settings
  1. Create widget -> RSS
  2. Feed URL ->
  3. General -> Width -> Responsive/In Pixels -> Responsive
  4. General -> Style -> Card
  5. General -> Height -> Image -> 300
  6. General -> Height -> Posts -> 1
  7. General -> Scroll -> ON
  8. General -> Scroll -> Navigation arrow -> ON
  9. General -> Scroll -> Autoscroll -> ON
  10. General -> Scroll -> Scroll speed -> 4
  11. General -> Scroll -> Fade transition -> OFF
  12. General -> Style -> Image scale -> Fits the shortest side
  13. General -> Style -> Image align -> Center
  14. Feed Title -> Custom -> OFF
  15. Feed Content -> Display content-> De-select Title and Content
  16. Rest keep as default

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