【Resolved】Display Issue of Facebook widgets

The Facebook widget ‘s display issue has been resolved around 8 am (PT), 11 am (ET) March 18, 2020. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. 【reference】 ◎ Change of authentication method of Facebook widgets ◎ How do I manage roles for my Facebook Page? (external link)

Please check your Facebook Page role before using a Facebook widget

We re-released Facebook widget on Feb 3, 2020 based on the new Facebook API regulations. You must authenticate with a Facebook account that has an admin role of the Facebook Page to display it on a widget. If you don’t have an admin role of the Facebook Page, please ask the Admin of the Facebook […]

Launching the lowest price plan “Basic”

Today, we’re adding the lowest price plan to our paid plans called “Basic“. We no longer accept the free plan subscription, but we keep providing the free plan to our users who are already using it. Also, we’re offering 14 days trial period. The basic plan is a subscription for $1/month or $9/year that offers […]

Facebook widget and authentication issues

Thank you for using FeedWind. We are experiencing the following issues regarding Facebook API from May 11, 2018. Displaying and editing Facebook widgets (We temporarily stop providing this feature until we fix it.) Sign-in and sign-up using Facebook ID (We have fixed it at 11:50 pm on May 11, 2018 PST.) We are trying our best to […]

Please read this announcement if you use the version of a FeedWind widget that doesn’t require log in

First of all, thank you for using FeedWind. We appreciate your loyalty and we hope that our widget has met all your expectations and needs. We strive to make it as simple and user-friendly as possible. At the same time, we would like to give you the opportunity to customize its design and spend less […]

April 20, 2017: FeedWind V1 deprecation notice

Important news update for FeedWind V1 users From April 26th 2017 we will no longer be allowing the creation of Feedwind V1 widgets. The new FeedWind V2 will be the only version available for you to obtain the code snippet. However, we will continue to support existing V1 users and their widgets will continue to […]

NEW FEATURE RELEASE – FeedWind Google Calendar widget

Today (11 April 2017) we released the new FeedWind Google Calendar widget. Just like all our widgets, the Google Calendar widget is fully customizable. It also only takes a few minutes to configure. With our new calendar feed widget you can share Google Calendar events with your online audience. Just paste a short line of […]

Horizontal scroll feature

Today (Mon 20th Feb 2017) we are pleased to announce the release of horizontal scroll which is a major new feature for FeedWind. With horizontal scrolling RSS feeds, you can create fully responsive marquee/ticker-tape/slideshow widgets for your website. Check out the new horizontal scroll feature at our setup screen. You can find more detail here at our […]

Notice of changes to the non-signup version

FEEDWIND TRIAL VERSION CHANGES From Jan 22nd 2017 at 5pm (PST) you will no longer be able to create widgets for use on a website without signing up for a Free or Pro account. After this date you will need to signup to the FeedWind system in order to use the code snippet on your website. Without […]

Introducing our new Facebook widget

We are pleased to announce a new Facebook widget for personal and brand pages. We have created a new interface which allows you to easily create a Facebook widget which can then be placed on any website. With this new feature, you can feed your posts or a brand page to a widget which can be […]

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