NEW FEATURE RELEASE – FeedWind Google Calendar widget

  • Created : Apr, 11, 2017
  • Last Updated: Mar, 25, 2019

Today (11 April 2017) we released the new FeedWind Google Calendar widget. Just like all our widgets, the Google Calendar widget is fully customizable. It also only takes a few minutes to configure.

With our new calendar feed widget you can share Google Calendar events with your online audience. Just paste a short line of code into your web pages, sidebars, footers etc. and you are done!

Keep everyone up to date

With a 15 minute refresh cycle your widget can keep everyone up to date with what is happening. Share events from any Google Calendar such as meetings, appointments, special offers for customers etc.

However you use your calendar, Feedwind is there to help you share it!

The setup screen

Our setup screen contains some handy features specific to Gcal feeds too. You can specify a date range and take advantage of many other styling options and functions. Try the new Google Calendar widget now – its free and sets up in just minutes!

Create a Google Calendar Widget


For more information, please check out our calendar widget Support article

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