Google Calendar RSS

feedwind-icon-trans Easy Steps

Create a Google Calendar RSS widget

  1. Sign in to your FeedWind dashboard and select the  Create Widget  button
  2. Select the Google Calendar widget icon to access the Gcal setup screen
  3. Enter your Calendar ID (usually an email address) and the preview should update with your events
  4. Choose your required options from the setup screen. Some of these are specific to Google Calendar
  5. Check the preview pane to make sure your widget looks ok and make adjustments as necessary
  6. Give your widget a name and save your widget using the  Save & Get code  button
  7. Copy/paste the code to your website page, sidebar, footer, header or widget area

About our Google Calendar widget

The FeedWind Google Calendar RSS widget is easy to set up and customize to match your website design.

As with all our RSS widgets, the Google Calendar widget is fully featured with customization options. You can choose which elements of your calendar feed to display and choose fonts, colors and use a custom CSS to make more detailed styling adjustments.

Getting started

To create a Gcal widget you must first either sign in to your Feedwind dashboard, or if you don’t have an account, you can create one in no time at all! (We just need an email address and that’s it!). Sign in to your dashboard and then click on the “Create widget” button.

create google calendar RSS widget


You will then be presented with 3 options, select the option to create a Google Calendar RSS Widget. You will then see our setup screen, tailored specifically for Google Calendar.

select Google Calendar widget as a content source

The Google Calendar RSS widget setup screen

Entering your Google Calendar ID

To get a feed from your Google Calendar you must first find your Google Calendar ID. This is usually because the email address used to login into Google to access the calendar.

google calendar ID

Important note: Your calendar must be set to “Public” in order for your calendar to be shared through the FeedWind Google Calendar widget.

 Options specific to our Google Calendar widget

Google Calendar feeds are a little different to regular RSS feeds because they contain extra fields not found elsewhere. These are specific to calendar feeds such as location start and end times for events. Also, our Gcal widget allows you to choose whether to enable/disable the display of the Event Title, Event Description, Location and Event Time.

We have also included some useful date range options, so you can choose the date range for your feed items (Events) from past to future events.

 google calendar widget

Example Google Calendar Widget



Create a Google Calendar widget


April 18, 2016 3:57 pm