Find your Google Calendar ID

  • Created : Apr, 10, 2017
  • Last Updated: Dec, 9, 2021

To find your Google Calendar ID, open up your calendar and click on the dropdown menu next to the calendar you wish to use in your widget. Click on the “Calendar Settings” link and the calendar settings will display.

Main Google Calendar Page

google calendar ID


Find your Google Calendar ID

From the “Calendar Details Tab” about two thirds the way down the screen, you will see Calendar Address. Alongside this is your Calendar ID.

find your google calendar ID


Making your calendar ‘Public’

To make your calendar public, choose the “Share this Calendar” tab from the Google Calendar settings screen. Remember to save your settings.

make google calendar public


Create a Google Calendar widget using your Calendar ID

Highlight and copy your Calendar ID from the settings screen and then paste the Calendar ID into the FeedWind setup screen. Find out more about how to make a Google Calendar widget

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