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Mixed Content Issue

HTTP is the standard protocol we’ve all seen countless times as we navigate the web. The ‘s’ in HTTPS stands for “secure”, meaning it is simply a secure version of HTTPS that generally uses encryption to protect data transmissions from external meddling. HTTPS is identified in modern browsers by a lock next to the page’s […]

Alternate Image Feature

FeedWind shows thumbnails when an RSS feed when images contain URLs. Without a URL, nothing is shown. The Alternate Image feature is a way to manually enter URLs for images that do not have them embedded in their metadata, so the thumbnail will always be shown in the feed. The feature is in place so […]

Using your web font via custom CSS

You can display your own Web font by using a custom CSS. However, sometimes you may see errors like this. As a result, your Web font will not apply to your widget.

Removing duplicate feed articles

If you are aggregating feeds, you may find that in some cases, duplicate feed articles appear in the feed. This can often occur where different feeds from a single source are used. For example, there are many news feed URLs from the same site covering different news topics. Quite frequently, when aggregating these feeds together; […]

Can I embed a FeedWind widget in an email?

No – You cannot include FeedWind (which is JavaScript-based) in an email Security issue: JavaScript and Cross-site Scripting FeedWind widgets are coded in JavaScript (.js) and for security reasons, .js cannot be included in an email. This is a security issue known as “cross-site scripting.” Although adding a .js snippet to your emails might seem […]

Repositioning Thumbnail Images

Thumbnail Position The Thumbnail Position feature allows users to reposition a feed’s thumbnail images. This mechanism comes in useful for adjusting images to fit into unconventional layouts. The Free version of FeedWind allows basic thumbnail positioning to the left or right of the text content. To adjust thumbnail positioning: From the dashboard, navigate to the […]

Hosting CSS on Dropbox

Hosting CSS on Dropbox lets you use online storage to hold a .css file for custom Feedwind widgets without your own server. It is useful for online platforms like Wix or Weebly for building websites, as these platforms don’t have the capability to store CSS files. Creating a CSS file can be completed with any […]

Add your widget logo to FeedWind

Pro/Plus users If you are a FeedWind Pro or Plus user, your widgets are free of branding (our logo+link) below the widget, leaving room for you to add your own logo. Including a logo beneath, anywhere around, or as an overlay for your widget is quite easy. Basic users If you are a Basic plan user […]


See what’s possible with FeedWind..   Overlay RSS widget Full custom design widget with Fade effect REGULAR SIDEBAR WIDGETS Manual Scroll Widget Auto-scroll Widget Card Style & Transparent widget Card Style RSS Widget Transparent Feed Widget   YOUTUBE / VIDEO   HORIZONTAL SCROLL / TICKERTAPE   Podcast GOOGLE CALENDAR   Custom Design Google Calendar widget […]

Find your Google Calendar ID

To find your Google Calendar ID, open up your calendar and click on the dropdown menu next to the calendar you wish to use in your widget. Click on the “Calendar Settings” link and the calendar settings will display. Main Google Calendar Page   Find your Google Calendar ID From the “Calendar Details Tab” about […]

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