Removing duplicate feed articles

  • Created : Sep, 11, 2017
  • Last Updated: May, 3, 2023

If you are aggregating feeds, you may find that in some cases, duplicate feed articles appear in the feed. This can often occur where different feeds from a single source are used.

For example, there are many news feed URLs from the same site covering different news topics. Quite frequently, when aggregating these feeds together; for example, a news item on the topic of international politics might appear in separate RSS feeds for “Headlines”,  “Global news”, “Politics” sections etc..

To get around this, we have included the option in our setup screen to disable duplicate feed entries. When enabled, we will filter out duplicates from your feeds. You can check out this new feature at the FeedWind setup screen.


Duplicates in category feeds

This will also correct feeds with duplicate entries where “category feeds” are used as the feed source.  In WordPress for example, you can assign multiple categories to a post. Each category has its own RSS feed URL. If you aggregate those category feed URLs into a FeedWind widget, any post that is in multiple categories will be duplicated in the feed.

If you need any assistance with this or any other FeedWind issue, please contact us.

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