Using Google Alerts With FeedWind

About Google Alerts Google Alerts are a useful tool to monitor changes in web content and receive notifications. In practice, Google can take any search term(s)–a politician’s name, a sports team, a TV series–and notify a user via email and/or text when new content like articles, blogs, and press releases appear on the web. Setting […]

Create a Pinterest widget

Learn how to create a Pinterest RSS widget and embed it on your website in a few simple steps. You can use it to inspire your visitors, share your ideas and make your website look better.

Create a Google News Widget

Google News Widget allows you to give your website visitors value without having to constantly update the content – and if you provide the visitors with fresh news and ideas related to the topic they are interested in, it’s likely that they will return to the website.

Drupal RSS

Learn how to add a Feedwind widget to a Drupal page or post. In this way, you can display Drupal website feed on any website, or on your Drupal website.


If you use Strikingly, you can insert a FeedWind widget just about anywhere on your website. Here you can learn how to add RSS, Facebook or Google Calendar widgets.

Create an iTunes RSS widget

Learn how you can quickly create an iTunes RSS widget, which will display one or more feeds from any of their movies, music or audiobooks, and embed it on your website.


If you are using Tumblr, you can enrich your website or blog with a Tumblr RSS feed using a FeedWind widget. You just need to paste your Tumblr feed url into the FeedWind setup screen.

Quora RSS

Quora RSS feed is easy to use and works well in the FeedWind RSS widget. Learn how to set it up in a few simple steps.


Make your website or blog more interesting and dynamic by adding a YouTube RSS Feedwind widget. You can change how your YouTube widget looks and display multiple YouTube RSS feeds in a single widget.

RSS Feed Widget for WordPress

Using FeedWind in WordPress has its benefits. The FeedWind RSS widget can be customized using CSS and (unlike the built in WordPress RSS widget), can appear in page/post body areas as well as in Widget Areas.

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