Learn how to add Weebly RSS feeds from blog pages by setting up a FeedWind widget that displays a Weebly RSS feed. Just follow the instructions!

Google Sites RSS

This is how you can use FeedWind as a Google Sites RSS widget! you simply need to use the iFrame version of the code snippet and just copy the URL.

Yola RSS

If you have a Yola website, you can easily make an RSS Feed out of your Yola website, or you can embed any other RSS feed into your Yola website with the FeedWind RSS widget.

Yelp RSS

If you wish to add a Yelp RSS feed and display the local businesses or the reviews on your website, you can do it quickly and easily by creating a FeedWind widget.

SquareSpace RSS

This is how you can make your SquareSpace website stand out. Add a FeedWind RSS widget and provide your visitors with fresh, customized content.

Shopify RSS

An official FeedWind support document detailing the use of Shopify blogs and collections as an RSS feed.

Netflix RSS

Netflix RSS feeds are numerous and offer the chance to display many types of different Netflix content in an RSS feed. This is how you can set up and display a Netflix RSS FeedWind widget.

Moonfruit RSS

If you have your own website or online shop with Moonfruit’s website builder, you can add a FeedWind RSS widget. FeedWind widgets are easy to create and use in MoonFruit.

Joomla RSS

Whatever the size or type of your Joomla site, you can embed an RSS feed using the FeedWind widget. It will deliver live information and media about your favorite topic in a visual, text, sound or video format.

Google Plus RSS

Learn how to create an RSS feed URL from a Google+ page, set up a FeedWind widget and display it on your website.

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