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Yelp RSS

Locating your Yelp RSS Feed URL Yelp RSS feeds are easy to find – just use the URL and either use... View Article

SquareSpace RSS

Putting an RSS feed ONTO a SquareSpace page You cannot place HTML onto a SquareSpace page in the general edit... View Article

Shopify RSS

Shopify RSS feed URLs To use FeedWind with Shopify RSS, the following URL can be used: Where “example” is the... View Article

Netflix RSS

Create a Netflix RSS feed widget Netflix RSS feeds are numerous and offer the chance to display many types of... View Article

MoonFruit RSS

FeedWind is easy to use in MoonFruit – details on how to use the FeedWind widget in MoonFruit are available... View Article

Joomla RSS

Joomla RSS and FeedWind Joomla is a very popular website builder and can be used to create any type of... View Article

Google Plus RSS

Google+ RSS Feeds You cannot at present get an RSS feed directly from Google Plus, RSS is not available through... View Article

Craigslist RSS

Easy Steps Create a Craigslist RSS feed widget Visit the page on Craigslist which you want to add to your widget... View Article

Google Blogger RSS

The difference between Blogger & BlogSpot The URLs for Google Blogger RSS feeds are subdomains; you might have expected them... View Article