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Yola RSS

Outgoing Yola RSS feed URL Your Yola RSS URL is in the format (Replace with your domain URL to get... View Article

Yelp RSS

Locating your Yelp RSS Feed URL Yelp RSS feeds are easy to find – just use the URL and either use... View Article

SquareSpace RSS

Putting an RSS feed ONTO a SquareSpace page You cannot place HTML onto a SquareSpace page in the general edit... View Article

Shopify RSS

Shopify RSS feed URLs To use FeedWind with Shopify RSS, the following URL can be used: Where “example” is the... View Article

Netflix RSS

Create a Netflix RSS feed widget Netflix RSS feeds are numerous and offer the chance to display many types of... View Article

MoonFruit RSS

FeedWind is easy to use in MoonFruit – details on how to use the FeedWind widget in MoonFruit are available... View Article

Joomla RSS

Joomla RSS and FeedWind Joomla is a very popular website builder and can be used to create any type of... View Article

Google Plus RSS

Google+ RSS Feeds You cannot at present get an RSS feed directly from Google Plus, RSS is not available through... View Article

Craigslist RSS

Easy Steps Create a Craigslist RSS feed widget Visit the page on Craigslist which you want to add to your widget... View Article

Google Blogger RSS

The difference between Blogger & BlogSpot The URLs for Google Blogger RSS feeds are subdomains; you might have expected them... View Article