Yola RSS

Yola-logoOutgoing Yola RSS feed URL

Your Yola RSS URL is in the format https://www.yoursite.yolasite.com/blog.rss

(Replace yoursite.yolasite.com with your domain URL to get your Yola RSS feed)

You can find it by going to your Yola blog page and clicking on the RSS feed button.

Simple steps to installing a FeedWind RSS widget into a Yola site

  1.  Open your Yola site editor
  2.  Navigate to the page you want to insert a Feedwind widget onto
  3.  Drag a “HTML” widget onto the screen where you want FeedWind to appear
  4.  Paste your FeedWind code snippet and Press [Save]
  5. Publish your Yola site and you should see your widget

Note: When you see the result in the sitebuilder preview, there will be no widget displayed. Once you publish your site the widget should appear. This is because Feedwind requires JavaScript to run, which is not possible in Yola preview/sitebuilder views.


April 18, 2016 3:56 pm