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  • Created : Apr, 18, 2016
  • Last Updated: Mar, 26, 2019

shopify rss

Shopify RSS feed URLs

To use FeedWind with Shopify RSS, the following URL can be used:

Where “example” is the name of the blog and the URL formed by adding “.atom” to the end.

So for example: A Shopify store called sports24 with a blog page named sports24blog, would have this RSS feed URL:

The same method works for any Shopify page. An RSS feed URL is available just by adding .atom to the end of the any Shopify page URL. Click here to visit the Shopify RSS support page that covers RSS functionality and explains this in more detail.

Displaying a FeedWind RSS Widget in Shopify

  1. Create a widget on the FeedWind setup page
  2. Paste the code snippet from the FeedWind setup screen into the HTML editor for that post/page. (The HTML editor is selected by clicking on the tab marked <> to the upper right of the regular editor.)
  3. Save the page and publish your site.


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