Widget – General setting

Repositioning Thumbnail Images

Thumbnail Position The Thumbnail Position feature allows users to reposition a feed’s thumbnail images. This mechanism comes in useful for adjusting images to fit into unconventional layouts. The Free version of FeedWind allows basic thumbnail positioning to the left or right of the text content. To adjust thumbnail positioning: From the dashboard, navigate to the […]

Hosting CSS on Dropbox

Hosting CSS on Dropbox lets you use online storage to hold a .css file for custom FeedWind widgets without your own server. It is useful for online platforms like Wix or Weebly for building websites, as these platforms don’t have the capability to store CSS files. Creating a CSS file can be completed with any […]

Add your logo to FeedWind widget

Pro/Plus users If you are a FeedWind Pro or Plus user, your widgets are free of branding (our logo+link) below the widget, leaving room for you to add your own logo. Including a logo beneath, anywhere around, or as an overlay for your widget is quite easy. Basic users If you are a Basic plan user […]

Customize Widget Background

The FeedWind widget is totally customizable and can be styled to match virtually any website. This article focuses on background styling options. These are the options in FeedWind’s general settings that contain background image options: Feed Title – The main title that appears above your feed content. Feed Content – The container that holds all […]

Feed content links

Link locations There are a number of locations where feed content links can appear in your widget. The main title Feed item titles Within feed item descriptions You can specify these options so when a user clicks on a link, the resulting content opens as required. The available options are: Open in a new tab/window […]

Creating or Editing a Widget Name

Signed up users can create multiple widgets and save them in a personal dashboard. When you create a widget, you have the opportunity to name your widget. If you save without naming your widget we will allocate a name to it. If you wish to rename your FeedWind widget, you can either enter a name in the […]

Scroll settings

Quick links Horizontal scroll widget Vertical scroll widget Scroll types (step/movie credit) Create a vertical or horizontal scroll RSS widget To enable scrolling in your FeedWind RSS widget, make sure the switch next to Scroll in the General section is set to ‘ON‘. See below for the various options available for horizontal and vertical feed […]

iFrame RSS widget

The iFrame version of FeedWind Some users might prefer to create an iFrame RSS widget. Those using Google Sites and other CMS may require an iFrame version to function properly. The iFrame version is basically just a URL which links to your widget. In addition to creating an iFrame RSS widget with Feedwind, the URL can be […]

No content in WordPress

Why does my WordPress RSS widget display no feed content? There are a few reasons why this may happen: 1) The WordPress installation is a wordpress.com hosted site (as opposed to hosted on your own server/host). This version where your site is hosted by WordPress, does not support Javascript on the site so it will […]

No Feed Content Error

Why do I only see a link to FeedWind but no feed content in my editor? There are a number of reasons why you may see just the link depending on what you are doing and how you are implementing the code. 1. No widget content displayed in “Preview” mode in your website builder In […]