Feed content links

Link locations

There are a number of locations where feed content links can appear in your widget.

  1. The main title
  2. Feed item titles
  3. Within feed item descriptions

You can specify these options so when a user clicks on a link, the resulting content opens as required.

The available options are:

  • Open in a new tab/window (target=_blank)
  • Open in the same tab/window (target=_top)
  • Open within widget

Disabling feed content links

To disable feed content links you can use CSS to add a “pointer-events:none;” parameter to any of the classes related to elements that are/have links. We do not currently offer the option to disable links completely from our setup screen. You may also want to add “cursor:none” so that the user does not get frustrated that no click is available.

Note: “pointer-events” CSS only affects mouse/tap behavior. It does not prevent a knowledgeable user from using their keyboard tab key to cycle through the links which will work on pressing enter.


February 16, 2017 9:17 pm