Preloaded Text

  • Created : May, 21, 2020
  • Last Updated: Oct, 20, 2022

FeedWind’s preloaded text feature allows you to edit the text that appears when a feed is loading. The feed displays the text ‘Loading’ by default, but users can change this to text that is more specific to the widget. For example, a calendar that displays upcoming shows can display “loading upcoming shows” instead of the generic text to inform the user; a work feed can insert important reminders instead of a loading message in a feed read by employees.

  • Navigate to the General section and scroll down to select the Advanced tab.
  • Scroll to the section labeled ‘Preloader text’ (see image). Next to it there is a text box with the default preloader text in grey, which reads: ‘Loading’.
  • Type your custom text in the box next to the Preloader text. Press [Enter/return] to update the preview and verify your new text shows on the loading screen.
  • Once you’ve verified the preloader text, select ‘Save and Get code’, and then paste the resulting code in your website’s HTML.


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