Launching the lowest price plan “Basic”

  • Created : Oct, 2, 2018
  • Last Updated: Apr, 15, 2019

Today, we’re adding the lowest price plan to our paid plans called “Basic“. We no longer accept the free plan subscription, but we keep providing the free plan to our users who are already using it. Also, we’re offering 14 days trial period.

The basic plan is a subscription for $1/month or $9/year that offers the following features:

  • 1 Widget
  • 1 Feed per widget
  • 10 Posts(Events) per widget
  • 5 Hour update

To ensure FeedWind can be a sustainable product, we believe that it needs to generate enough revenue to cover its costs. Your support will help us to continue developing and operating FeedWind. We appreciate your understanding.

Thank you again for your support. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave your feedback on our contact form.

FeedWind Team

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