Create ticker horizontal scroll widget

  • Created : Jan, 15, 2020
  • Last Updated: Dec, 17, 2022

An RSS ticker widget consists of a single line of text scrolling horizontally. They are often used to display stock prices, exchange rates, latest news etc. This RSS widget layout is based on the old teleprinter machines which printed text onto ticker tape, a narrow strip of paper on a roll.

What is an RSS ticker widget used for?

News ticker widgets are commonly used to display stock prices, exchange rates and news headlines; although they can also serve many other uses. They also use less screen space than a regular widget as the information displayed at any one time is limited to the width of the widget and only one line of characters. Ticker widgets make useful banners for other page elements too. Here’s an example of a horizontal scroll ticker widget from FeedWind.

Easy Steps

Widget Settings
  1. Create widget -> RSS
  2. Feed URL ->
  3. General -> Width -> Responsive/In Pixels -> Responsive
  4. General -> Style -> HTML
  5. General -> Height -> Posts -> 1
  6. General -> Scroll -> ON
  7. General -> Scroll -> Horizontal
  8. General -> Scroll -> Autoscroll -> ON
  9. General -> Scroll -> Autoscroll -> Normal
  10. General -> Scroll -> Scroll speed -> 4
  11. General -> Scroll -> Scroll Direction -> Left
  12. Feed Title -> Custom -> OFF
  13. Feed Content -> Display Content -> Title
  14. Feed Content -> Size -> Item title -> 16
  15. Feed Content -> Size -> Content -> 12
  16. Feed Content -> Colors -> Title font -> #FFFFFF
  17. Feed Content -> Colors -> Content font -> #f0f0f0
  18. Feed Content -> Colors -> Background -> #89b55d
  19. Rest keep as default

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