Podcasts Worth Following in 2020

  • Created : Jul, 7, 2020
  • Last Updated: Aug, 15, 2023

feedwind podcast widget

FeedWind’s podcast audio player is an online playlist of your favorite podcasts that can be added to any webpage with a few clicks. For information on how our podcast player works, visit here. Below, we’ve provided a list of our favorite Podcasts worth following in 2020, with their respective RSS links in parenthesis. These links can be cut-and-pasted into a FeedWind RSS widgets in the same ‘url’ space where an RSS URL is entered:

Technology Podcasts

News and Information Podcasts

Entertainment Podcasts

Health and Fitness Podcasts

Hobbyist Podcasts

Now that you have gone through the above list and are intrigued towards staring your own podcast then you should read this article. It is a ‘beginners guide to podcast‘ to help you get started with creating your own podcast.

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