Widget – RSS


Choosing your widget image size/type FeedWind supports automatic image scaling for feeds containing images of varying dimensions. This enables those using feeds with larger images to display them as a thumbnail without forcing the user to scroll or to only see part of the image. Images that occur in feed items at multiple sizes can […]

Getting started with Feedwind and RSS

Getting started – quick links The¬†FeedWind setup screen explained Introduction to RSS How often does an RSS feed update? Finding the RSS feed URL The FeedWind code snippet Overview of the FeedWind setup screen sections We know that not everyone will understand exactly how a widget is created in the FeedWind setup page and/or exactly […]

Place multiple widgets on a web page

Multiple RSS widgets RSS feeds can be derived from multiple sites if you so wish, or from one site and separated by category or other filter. Any RSS feeds can be put together on a page or feeds chosen to relate to different pages on your site. The below image is not a real¬†site but […]

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