• Created : Apr, 18, 2016
  • Last Updated: Aug, 15, 2022

Easy Steps

Select image type
  1. Open your widget for editing (or create a new one)
  2. In the General section of the setup screen, choose either a fixed width in px or responsive width
  3. In the same section, scroll down to the Style settings
  4. Choose from the three option buttons labeled: Text, Thumbnail or HTML
  5. Check the preview pane to see if your widget images display as desired
  6. Save your widget using the Save & Get code button - if your widget is installed it will be auto-updated

rss widget style setting

Choosing your widget image size/type

FeedWind supports automatic image scaling for feeds containing images of varying dimensions. This enables those using feeds with larger images to display them as a thumbnail without forcing the user to scroll or to only see part of the image.

Images that occur in feed items at multiple sizes can cause excessive blank space to appear for some and can overflow the container in others so part of the image will not be visible. To avoid this, either use thumbnail style or select a widget size that is proportionate to the image sizes in the feed.

The HTML style button needs to be selected in order to allow full-size images and other media to be shown in your feed.

How FeedWind selects thumbnail images

In some posts/feed items, there may be more than one image available. In some cases, there may be a repeated image (such as a repeated icon down the pae used as bullets). Here is how Feedwind chooses the thumbnail image depending on the user’s selection of the Thumbnail Selection option :

  1. Auto
    • We choose the largest image calculated as a sum of the width+height of the image.
    • We ignore images under 30px in width or height
    • We ignore images repeated 5 times or more
    • We ignore pictograms (such as in
  2. <media:content url=”xxx”> tag from the feed XML.
  3. <media:thumbnail url=”xxx”> tag from the feed XML.
  4. <enclosure> tag from the feed XML.

feedwind RSS widget thumbnail selection

Examples of how FeedWind images can appear

Below are some working examples of different sized containers with the thumbnails/HTML tag switched on/off.

THUMBNAIL – Retain aspect ratio of image

THUMBNAIL – Crop image to fill thumbnail


Where the images resize to match the available container width.

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