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  • Created : Jun, 2, 2016
  • Last Updated: Feb, 14, 2024

Links from your FeedWind widget are “nofollow” by default

All links in feed item titles are specified as “nofollow” by default in the FeedWind RSS widget. The reason we have implemented this is that Google crawls links in FeedWind widgets and will follow them if allowed to do so. Every link from a page has some effect on SEO. Google reads anchor text from all your outbound page links and gives ranking weight to them according to their relevance in comparison to your page content. As FeedWind links are all nofollow links, Google will not attribute/reduce any ranking¬†weight to those links when determining the rank of a page where the widget is installed.

If you have a page which is focused on a particular topic and you add a FeedWind widget which displays for example, a “latest news” from CNN or the BBC etc., the anchor text for links from feed items may not always correspond to the subject matter of the rest of the page. We believe this to have a (slight but) negative SEO effect. To avoid this issue we have made all outbound item links from our widget to be “nofollow” by default.

Can I toggle between “dofollow” and “nofollow” for item links?

Currently there is no option to allow this but we may add this feature in the future.

More information

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