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  • Created : Apr, 18, 2016
  • Last Updated: May, 3, 2023

Easy Steps

Sort your feed content
  1. Open your rss widget for editing (or create a new widget)
  2. In the Feed Content section of the setup screen, click to open the Advanced settings ▼
  3. Scroll down to the Sort Order options
  4. Switch the Sort Order on/off as required, if "ON," choose from Newest , Oldest or Random
  5. Click Save & Get code button for save your changes into the widget

rss feed content sort

Automatic feed content sorting

The FeedWind RSS widget has an RSS feed content sort feature to allow feed items to be displayed in a predefined sort order. Its really easy to set up and only takes a click or two to implement. Items are sorted using the <pubdate:> (publish date)from your RSS feed. In the case of specialized widgets, we may use a more appropriate date for sorting; for example, for a Google Calendar RSS widget, the event date is used for feed sorting. If the sort option is set to “off then feed items will be sorted in the same sequence that they appear in the RSS feed XML.

Sort options

The sort feature has three options and can be found in the FeedWind setup screen, Feed Content section, Advanced settings ▼ (see image below).

The sort options are:

  • Newest – The newest feed item appears at the top
  • Oldest – The oldest feed item appears at the top
  • Random – The sort order for the feed is randomized
  • Off – The sort order is controlled by the incoming feed XML

Placing the newest at the top helps you maintain the most current feed item in view to keep your page up to date. If your RSS feed has many entries, using autoscroll can help get the whole feed into view without having to create a large widget and use up a lot of screen space. For feeds that are not date sensitive, the Random setting is a good solution.

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