Scrollbar and auto-scroll settings

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Setup scrollbars and manual/auto-scroll feature

    1. On the setup page, [simple_tooltip content=’see image below’]view the General section[/simple_tooltip]
    2. Enable/disable scrolling by switching the slider to on/off
    3. Enable/disable [simple_tooltip content=’ With automatic scrolling enabled, the feed will auto-scroll in step or movie mode. A scrollbar will be visible on mouseover. If automatic mode is disabled, a scrollbar will be continuously visible in the widget. ‘]Automatic scrolling[/simple_tooltip] by switching the slider to on/off
    4. Choose Horizontal or Vertical scroll
    5. [simple_tooltip content=’Step scroll or continuous (movie) scroll’]Choose a scroll type[/simple_tooltip]
    6. Choose the [simple_tooltip content=’Movie scroll=fast/normal/slow Step scroll=Seconds between each item scroll’]speed for your step/movie scroll[/simple_tooltip]
    7. Save your widget if signed in, or if not signed in, use the  Get code  button

horizontal scroll rss widget


Scroll features in detail

The FeedWind RSS widget has an automatic scrolling feature to make it easier for users to navigate your RSS widget. When the HTML button is “On” and Autoscroll “Off”, there is a manual scrollbar automatically added which is visible all the time. If you select Autoscroll to “On”, the widget feed content will automatically scroll up/down  depending on your preference. In autoscroll mode, the scrollbar will be visible on mouseover. and the widget will auto-scroll to the end of the current item list and then start again in an infinite loop.

Movie scroll feature

The “Movie Credit” autoscroll mode allows you to  choose one of the 3 scrolling speed options: Slow, Normal and Fast.

Movie scrolling is intended to imitate the type of movement typically seen in movie credits which continuously scroll upwards or downwards.

Normal (stepped) autoscroll feature

The ‘Normal‘ setting is a stepped scroll whereby each item scrolls quickly and stops for the number of seconds set by the user in the “Scroll Step” setting. The longer the feed article or item, the longer this setting needs to be in order to allow the user enough time to read the item.

The examples below demonstrate the available auto scroll types

Continuous/Movie autoscroll

Standard/Stepped autoscroll


April 18, 2016 3:35 pm