Display/Hide Feed Content & Titles

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Display/hide feed content and titles

  1. Open your rss widget for editing (or create a new widget)
  2. View the “Feed Content” section of the setup screen
  3. In the Display Content settings, use the dropdown menu to select the display format you require
  4. Save your widget if signed in, or if you are not signed in, use the  Get code  button


The content display format for your RSS widget is controlled by settings made in the Feed Content section of the FeedWind setup screen. To see the effect of these settings, please refer to the examples below.

Feed components

RSS feeds are separated into a number of components: Main Header, Feed Item Titles and Feed Item Descriptions. The Main Header is what you see in the bar above the RSS feed and can be switched on/off independently of the individual Content Titles and Content Description. Each Feed Item consists of a Title and a Description which link through to the relevant article. The feed content will include text, links, video, podcasts, images etc. so whatever is allowable in an HTML tag as media may be found in your RSS feed content.

Note: Your widget layout will also change depending on the style setting (text-only/thumbs/full HTML).



There are three content layout options as shown below:

Both (title + content)

Title only

Content only

Selecting “Both” will display both the feed item title and the feed content Selecting “Title only” displays the feed content titles but no content Selecting Content displays the feed content without titles

If the Podcast/YouTube player is enabled, please read on.

Note: Also included in an RSS widget is the opportunity to place a YouTube video thumbnail (with full controls) and a podcast icon. These are not controlled by HTML tags or the content display so Podcast/YouTube players will still appear even if the content display is switched off.


May 12, 2016 8:53 am