Create a custom Twitter widget with FeedWind

  • Created : Dec, 14, 2017
  • Last Updated: Oct, 5, 2022

Easy Steps

Create a Twitter widget
  1. Sign in to your FeedWind dashboard and select the  Create Widget  button
  2. Select the Twitter widget option
  3. Enter your Twitter ID and password and sign in to authorize FeedWind to use your account
  4. Choose your required options from the FeedWind setup screen. Some of these are specific to Twitter
  5. Check the preview pane to make sure your widget looks OK and make adjustments as necessary
  6. Give your widget a name and save your widget using the  Save & Get code  button
  7. Copy/paste the code into your website page, sidebar, footer, header or widget area

About our Twitter widget

The FeedWind Twitter widget is easy to set up and customize to match your website design.

As with all our RSS widgets, the Twitter widget is fully featured with customization options. You can choose which elements of your calendar feed to display and choose fonts, colors and use a custom CSS (Pro and Plus plan only) to make more detailed styling adjustments.

Getting started

To create a Twitter widget you must first either sign in to your Feedwind dashboard or if you don’t have an account, you can create one in no time at all! (We just need an email address and that’s it!). Sign in to your dashboard and then click on the “Create widget” button.

create google calendar widget

You will then be presented with 4 options, select the option to create a Twitter Widget. You will then see our setup screen, tailored specifically to fit Twitter.

Create a Twitter widget

The Twitter widget setup screen

Entering your Twitter ID

To get a feed of your tweets, you must first authorize FeedWind to use your Twitter account.

Input Twitter ID and password

Twitter Widget Options in FeedWind

Showing and Hiding Specific Twitter Information

You can select which types of Tweets are displayed in their FeedWind. Three options are available with the Twitter widget.

There are three options from which to choose:

  • Your tweets – By selecting this option, you can display tweets and retweets you posted, as well as people you follow.
  • Hashtag – Limits the widget to only display tweets with a specific hashtag. This feature is ideal for controlling the visibility of certain feed items by tag in a company feed, for example. (Only tweets posted within the last 7 days are displayed.)
  • User tweets – Display tweets created by a specific Twitter user. For instance, a fan website could display a feed from its featured celebrity.

Replies can be displayed in both Your tweets and User tweets, though their default setting is ‘off’. To display replies, navigate to your Twitter widget’s settings in the FeedWind setup screen.  Under the section labeled ‘Tweets’, select ‘Advanced Settings’. Click the switch to the right of ‘Display reply’ and set it to ‘on’.

Twitter widget Options

These are options are  specific to Twitter widgets in the FeedWind options menu:

  • Twitter icon – Toggle ‘on’ if you want to display the Twitter icon in each feed item.
  • Displaying large images – Presents the tweet’s main image with its text placed above
  • Font sizes – Each font element in a tweet can be resized to within ranges that fit the view.

What do you want display on a Twitter widget

Display a large image on a Twitter widget

Customize the font size and the color

Privacy Setting

Please uncheck “Protect your Tweets” of “Tweet privacy” on your Twitter setting page as follows to display your tweets on FeedWind widget.

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