Keyword Filtering

  • Created : Apr, 18, 2016
  • Last Updated: Jun, 22, 2023

Easy Steps

Here's how to apply keyword filters to feed content
  1. Open your rss widget for editing (or create a new widget)
  2. Click on the > Advanced settings of the General section
  3. Scroll to the Keyword Filters options
  4. Add include or exclude keywords as required. Keywords can be a single word or phrase and should be separated with a semicolon ;
  5. Click Save & Get code button for save your changes into the widget

Filtering with keywords using RSS

Using Include or Exclude keyword filters

FeedWind has a feed filtering system that allows users to apply include and/or exclude filter content using specific keywords. For RSS (as with all widgets), keywords can be separated in the following ways:

  • Using  a semicolon (;), as in: global warming;greenhouse gas;antarctic melt;co2;
  • Using “AND” to include relevant keywords, as in: “natural AND gas AND technology” This will include articles that contain each of the three terms.
  • Using “OR”, as in: “cars OR vehicles OR automobiles” This will include content that has either of the three terms.
  • Using the ‘exact match’ option, as in: “U.S. President” This matches the exact text “U.S. President” but not something similar, like “President of the U.S.”.
  • AND/OR filters can be used alongside each other, as in: “experts OR government AND taxes” This will include articles with the term ‘experts’, as well as articles containing both ‘government’ and ‘taxes’.

keywords and rss feed filtering

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