Find, copy or delete a FeedWind widget

How to find your FeedWind widget HTML code snippet, delete an RSS widget or move it

If you have created a FeedWind widget on a page or post and are not sure how to locate, remove, or copy it; you should be looking for some HTML code like the example at the bottom of this page (or something like very much like it).

Where do I find this code?

You may not be able to see the FeedWind code in your editor if you are looking at the page/post in normal view. Your editor (Blogger, TinyMCE/WordPress/Joomla etc.) will have the option to switch between normal formatting editor and a code editor. In the WordPress editor the tab labels are “Visual” and “Text.” When you switch to this text/HTML view in your editor you should easily be able to find or search for the block of code (see below) and delete it. If your FeedWind widget appears in the sidebar, you will have to go and edit the sidebar widgets (WordPress) or whatever extension or module you installed it in (Joomla). FeedWind is a HTML coded RSS widget so you will be looking for a simple text entry somewhere.

Tip: There is a <!– start feedwind code –> and <!– end feedwind code –> tag to help you search for the start/end of the FeedWind code section.

Finding the FeedWind widget code snippet using a browser console

Tip: If you are having trouble finding the FeedWind code on your page, pull up the page where you want to remove FeedWind from in your browser, hover the mouse over the FeedWind link and right click the mouse and select “Inspect Element” (or hit F12) and you will get the underlying HTML for that element on the page. With a little browsing in the lower left pane you can quickly see what part of the page the code has been loaded in. WordPress in particular can have a lot of widget areas, each of which can contain many widgets so this is a convenient way to find your FeedWind code without having to search them all.

You are searching for a code snippet that looks like this (although there will be some minor differences):

<!– start feedwind code –> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”//” data-fw-param=”168/”></script> <!– end feedwind code –>


June 1, 2016 7:46 pm