Instagram Widget Token Issue

  • Created : Oct, 11, 2022
  • Last Updated: Oct, 16, 2022

Instagram Facebook Widget

This support article’s purpose is to verify your Instagram Token and Instagram widget configuration. You must have a Facebook page and an Instagram business account.

In order to set up the Instagram widget correctly, we will require the following 3 things.

  1. Facebook Page
  2. Instagram Business Account (watch video)
  3. Link your Instagram Business account to your Facebook Page

Instagram token expired

How to solve when the Instagram token has expired when you see the following alert in your Feedwind account. Simply click on the “Verify” button.

Instagram Token Expire Notification

Instagram account Linking Issue with Facebook Page

After you click on “Verify” in the above step, a new dialogue box will appear to link your Instagram account to your Facebook Page. Please add your Instagram business profile account and click “Next”.

Instagram Account Link With Facebook

Link your Instagram Business account to your Facebook Page

You can easily connect your Facebook page with your Instagram account by following the below steps.

Step:1 – Please login into your Instagram account and make your account “Business / Professional” instead of “Personal”. Please go to the “settings” page.

Instagram Business Account

Instagram Business Account

Step:2 – Please login into your Facebook account and open Your Facebook Page settings.

Instagram Business Account

Step:3- Please Open your Facebook Page – Click the “Pages” option

Instagram Business Account

Step:4 – Please click your Facebook Page settings where you want to connect your Instagram Business account.

Instagram Business Account

Step:5 – Please open your Facebook page “settings” screen.

Instagram Business Account

Step:6 – In Page settings, select the “Instagram” option and click the “Connect Account” right-side option.

Link Instagram account to Facebook Account

Step:7 – Allow Instagram account access permission.

Instagram Account Permission

Step:8 – Please log in into your Instagram account.

Login Instagram Account

Step:9 – Please try again to configure your Instagram widget.

FeedWind Widget Options

Let’s start creating an Instagram widget

Why is the widget token getting expired?

We would like to share a use case when a token can expire: Something like you have created a Facebook or Instagram widget but you are not using the widget anywhere in your other applications/websites etc. and even if you have not browsed the widget from the FeedWind application within the last 60 days, the token will expire and you need to follow the authorization process to revalidate it.

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