Create a Facebook feed widget

feedwind-icon-trans Easy Steps

Create a Facebook widget

  1. Sign in and click on  Create Widget 
  2. From the modal that appears, select the Facebook icon
  3. Paste your Facebook page URL (e.g. ) into the setup screen
  4. Choose styling options as required
  5. Select the  Save & Get code  button and a modal will appear with your code snippet (regular HTML or iFrame)
  6. Select the  Copy code  button. The code snippet then auto-copies to your clipboard ready for pasting into your web page

Try out the Facebook widget without signing up

With FeedWind you can create a Facebook widget which will display your posts from any public Facebook page.

facebook feed widget

After clicking on the Try our new Facebook widget button, your setup screen will be updated. Once you see the new setup screen, paste or enter your Facebook page URL into the field provided.
facebook rss widget

IMPORTANT NOTE: For FeedWind to display any content from Facebook, the source page must be a published page. i.e it must be publicly accessible. If you are not sure how to do this, please see this Facebook help article about publishing your page. If the page does not belong to you , you must contact the page owner to request publication; otherwise, you cannot publish posts using Feedwind as we use the Facebook API which disallows access to posts for unpublished pages.


Signed up users

Sign in to your FeedWind dashboard and select the  Create Widget  button.

create facebook widget

You will then be presented a dialogue where you can click to choose between a regular RSS feed widget and a Facebook page widget.

facebook widget

Then, simply paste or enter your Facebook feed URL into the field provided and your feed will appear in the preview alongside the setup options. Updates on your site take place every 15 minutes. You can then make any design changes or choose other options to customize your Facebook widget to match your site design. For more advanced styling you can use a custom CSS.

facebook rss widget



Our Facebook widget can easily be customized to match your site design. Try it now and share your latest Facebook posts or brand pages and broaden your social media coverage!


December 13, 2016 10:54 am