Example news RSS feed sources

Here are some news RSS feed sources to help you create RSS newsfeed widgets for your webpage from one or more of the major RSS news feeds available.

Please note we are not an RSS directory, we just make an RSS widget for you to use, so these are just some example URLs to help newbies get started.  Searching on Google for “RSS news feeds” or “RSS directory” will deliver plenty of feed sources, directories and RSS resources for those who have specific needs.

Most of the major news providers have RSS feeds available at their websites. Their feed URLs can be used in FeedWind, simply copy/paste the links into the FeedWind setup screen.

News Site

Right-click icon & copy link URL


Main Feed Page


Reuters News RSS Feeds

Google News

Not Available


CNN News RSS Feeds


Not Available


BBC News RSS Feeds 


SKY News UK RSS Feeds 


NBC News RSS Feeds


CBS News RSS Feeds

NY Times

New York Times RSS Feeds


ABC News RSS Feeds


CNET – Tech News RSS Feeds 

Financial Times

FT RSS Feeds
June 15, 2016 8:19 am