Craigslist RSS

  • Created : Apr, 18, 2016
  • Last Updated: Jun, 15, 2022

Easy Steps

Create a Craigslist RSS feed widget
  1. Visit the page on Craigslist which you want to add to your widget (note: Search results page URLs can be used)
  2. Copy the page URL from your browser bar
  3. Paste that URL into the FeedWind setup screen and you should see craigslist listings in the preview (add more URLs as required using the + button)
  4. Use the Save & Get code button to save and get the widget code
  5. Paste the code into your website pages or widget areas

Display Craigslist RSS on your site with a FeedWind RSS widgetcraigslist rss

Using a Craigslist RSS feed, you can bring craigslist to your website and offer targeted local classified ads to anyone browsing your site. You can search for anything in the Craigslist dashboard and then simply use the URL of the results page in the Feedwind setup screen.

Use feed filtering to focus your feed content

If your craigslist search includes unwanted items, you may be able to use the FeedWind keyword filtering feature to focus more sharply on the listings you want to see.

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