Check out the all-new FeedWind v2

  • Created : Oct, 9, 2016
  • Last Updated: Mar, 25, 2019

Today we released FeedWind v2. This is the first revamp since we introduced the service. We totally redesigned FeedWind to meet our customers’ needs and we would like to share some of the key concepts of the new version.

More Content Sources

We redesigned the architecture to expand our content sources from RSS to include major services such as Google Calendar, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and others by using their APIs. We will provide settings for each content source so that you can customize content and match design to your specific needs.


We adopted a login-based system with free registration by email, Google account or Facebook so you can save your customization and design settings in your personal dashboard. With the new version, you’ll only need to paste the code snippet to your website once. Whenever you update design, settings and content sources your widget will automatically update. This means you can manage your widgets remotely from your dashboard. You can also save, copy and manage multiple widgets from your dashboard.

If you want to try FeedWind v2 before you sign up, you can try it on our homepage. We highly encourage you to sign up to experience the all-new Feedwind as you cannot save in the trial version.

Extra Layouts

We will add more layouts that our users have requested such as horizontal scroll, card view (masonry layout) and more. With our newly designed architecture, we are able to provide far more layout options and flexibility.

This is just the beginning for this new version of FeedWind. We will continue to listen to customers’ voices and improve our services. In order to do that, we will need your feedback. Please feel free to share your thoughts about the FeedWind v2 and we welcome any suggestions as to how we might improve our service. You can leave feedback here.

Jaehong Lee


Mikle Inc.


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