weebly rss feed url

Weebly RSS Feed URLs

Weebly RSS feeds from blog pages only. The URL is available from an RSS icon in the sidebar of the page. You can also create a Weebly RSS feed URL manually by adding /feed/ to the end of the URL of your Weebly blog page.

For example: http://example.weebly.com/blog/feed/

Note: Weebly RSS feeds are not available from regular Weebly (non-blog) pages without using a 3rd party service. However, multiple blogs can exist on a single Weebly site each with their own feeds, so there is a workaround.

FeedWind setup for Weebly feeds

  1. Right-click on the RSS icon shown highlighted in a green box in the image (see right) and use menu item: “Copy link address” from the menu
  2. Paste the link into the FeedWind setup screen to create your RSS widget.

Incoming RSS feeds (using FeedWind as a widget in Weebly)

In the Weebly site builder you can drag/drop elements onto your page. For Weebly to display FeedWind you will need the Embed Code option

Adding a FeedWind widget to Weebly

  1. Select the HTML/code element with a button marked “Embed Code </>
  2. Drag this element on your page where you want the widget to appear
  3. Paste the iFrame version of the widget code from the FeedWind setup page into that element from the “Save & Get code” button.
  4. Publish the Weebly page and your FeedWind RSS widget should appear.
April 18, 2016 3:59 pm