Google Plus RSS

  • Created : Apr, 18, 2016
  • Last Updated: Mar, 26, 2019

Google+ RSS Feeds

Google+You cannot at present get an RSS feed directly from Google Plus, RSS is not available through an icon or link as with many CMS and websites. They do offer API’s at the Google Developers site to allow you to do this directly but you will need sufficient programming expertise to be able to integrate Google+ in this way.

For those who just need an easy way to feed from Google+ using RSS there are other options. Services such as or Magenta River can create an RSS feed URL from your Google+ page which you can then use in FeedWind to create a Google Plus feed widget.

As FeedWind is customizable using CSS, it is possible to create some really high quality Google Plus RSS feeds for a page which will target whatever information you want your site to display.

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