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Custom CSS

Easy Steps Create a custom RSS widget using CSS Sign in to Feedwind, then open your RSS widget for editing... View Article

Scrollbar and auto-scroll settings

Easy Steps Setup scrollbars and manual/auto-scroll feature On the setup page, [simple_tooltip content=’see image below’]view the General section[/simple_tooltip] Enable/disable scrolling by... View Article


Easy Steps Select image type Open your widget for editing (or create a new one) In the General section of the... View Article


Feed Title Background Feed Content Background Footer Background

FeedWind Plans FAQ

Feedwind subscription plans allow you to display your widget(s) without our “Powered by FeedWind” branding underneath the widget, allowing you... View Article


Check out the FeedWind FAQ.  If you cannot find the answers you need, please contact us and we will do our... View Article

RSS Resources

RSS search engine powered by Google cartoons


We have tested FeedWind with many of the popular web platforms and found that some require a little tweak to... View Article