UPDATE Oct 20th 2017

We have now corrected the error causing an incorrect container size for widgets. For new users, the problem will not present itself. Some existing users might still experience incorrectly-sized widgets. This can be resolved using the cache clearing method explained below, after which you should not experience this issue.

IMPORTANT NEWS Oct 17th 2017

Since a program change we made recently, you may notice your widgets are not displaying at full size (widgets are displaying at 115px x 115px). We apologize for any inconvenience. The offending javascript causing this issue is in the code snippet: [Applicable javascript file] However, if you are visiting your site for the first time, or if your cache from your last visit has expired, there will be no display problems. This will automatically resolve when your cache is refreshed To correct this manually, you can use either of these 2 solutions:

Solution 1

Clear your browser cache. You can do this by using: Windows: “CTRL+F5” Mac: “Command + R” However, while you do not need to change any code, it is necessary for site visitors to clear their cache.

Solution 2

Assign parameters to javascript in the pasted code as shown below. This solution requires you to edit the code pasted on your site(s): Specifically, it adds a parameter like ? Ver = 20171016 to the end of fw – loader.js as shown in the red letter below . The content of the parameter is optional. <Script type = “text / javascript” src = “ ? Ver = 20171016 ” data-fw-param = “5 /”> </ script> If you have any questions about this matter, please contact us through our contact form . We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.


The latest news and tips from the FeedWind team

This month we have been improving a number of aspects of Feedwind operation and features. We are focusing on extending Facebook widget features and upgrading our Pro subscription system. As always, we are increasing the support content available for users with new articles and an upcoming FeedWind blog.


Payment Automation Currently we activate Pro accounts manually which causes a delay in removal of the “Powered by FeedWind” branding and the dashboard update to allow 20 widgets to be saved. We know this has occasionally been an inconvenience to some of our users (and apologize to any affected), so we are implementing an automated system for new Pro users. With this update, activation will be automatic and applied as soon as the subscription has been made. Facebook Horizontal Scroll We released horizontal scroll for RSS widgets in February – a great hit with our RSS widget users. This month we are adding horizontal scroll functionality to our Facebook widget too. Share your Facebook feed in a slideshow using a FeedWind horizontal feed widget!  You can stay up to date with the latest information on feature releases by visiting our Facebook page.


Google Calendar support We are already working on many new features due for release over the coming months. On the near horizon is support for Google Calendar, a long-awaited release which should be available during April.Our new blog  In the next week or so we are releasing our new blog (this article is on it) which will contain handy tips and tricks, Feedwind news and other resources to help our users get the most out of Feedwind and their RSS feeds.


Create an iTunes widget iTunes has an RSS feed generator with custom parameters so you can easily create an iTunes widget in just minutes with custom content. Using Feedwind setup, you can add custom styling to your widget. Read this new article for more information on how to create an iTunes widget. Other platforms we support FeedWind supports many online platforms in addition to iTunes. You can find out more about which ones we have tested and how to use them here at our support pages. If you think we should include other platforms in the support section, please let us know.


We always love to hear from you – your feedback is what enlightens and enables us to create the best possible feed widget. If you have any comments or suggestions about FeedWind, please do not hesitate to contact us

Welcome to the new FeedWind blog

feedwind blog In addition to our regular support documentation, the FeedWind blog provides users with additional information about new features, general news and some articles to help you make the most out of FeedWind. Since v2 was released there has been a lot of activity from the development team, with a new Facebook widget added to our features. We also released the long-awaited horizontal scrolling, automated payments and Google Calendar support due for release very soon now. Keep up with our progress by bookmarking this blog in your browser, Liking our Facebook page or following us on Twitter.

Make sure you stay up to date with the latest information with the FeedWind blog.