Auto-locate RSS feeds from browsers

RSS feeds from browsers

Many web pages have RSS but it can be a real chore looking for the RSS feed URLs from a particular page. Many sites do not even publish a link for their RSS feeds even though feeds may be available. Browser support is reasonably good with Chrome, Opera and Firefox requiring an addon/extension to show the icon or a link. Apple have thoughtfully built in RSS to their Safari browser. Microsoft Internet Explorer is characteristically unhelpful to RSS users.

Note: The icon in the URL bar will only appear if there is an RSS feed available for auto-discovery.


Google Chrome RSS icon

To get around the difficulty in finding a feed link, you can download Slick RSS : Feed Finder an extension to Chrome that will display an RSS icon permanently in the Toolbar for you. Even if you are only using it for a short time to prepare the RSS feed links you need, it can easily be removed from your browser after use if you don’t want it taking up valuable real estate in your browser toolbar.


firefox rss iconFirefox can do the same thing with a different plugin called RSS Icon which does the same job – gives you an icon in the toolbar to grab your RSS links from. This is very easy to use and simply needs you to right-click on the icon to get a list of the available feeds from that site.

Internet Explorer (IE)

Internet Explorer is not so friendly when it comes to RSS feeds. Although this browser supports plugins, no-one seems very interested in creating a Link plugin for IE. This browser is becoming less popular anyway, especially among webmasters as it is nowhere near as functional as the competition for website development and RSS purposes. The only plugin found was an older one which did not seem compatible with newer versions of IE. There are so many reasons not to use this browser already, this just adds more to the weight of argument for abandoning it in favor of better browsers.


Apple Safari RSS feed iconSafari has a built-in RSS link in the URL bar so whenever RSS feeds are available on a page, the icon will display. When clicked on the icon will take you to a page of all the RSS feeds for that website. You can then copy paste any RSS link from there into the FeedWind settings page.


Opera RSS feed icon

There is a plugin available for Opera called RSS Speed Dial which will enable an RSS icon in your URL bar. The icon will examine the site in question and return the page where all the RSS links are to be found.

June 10, 2016 10:00 pm